Shri Shaligram Sharma Smarak (P.G.) College, Rasna (Meerut) UP
(Affiliated to the C.C.S. University, Meerut)
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Library :
      Library is the brain of an educational institution. It enhances the status and value of a college as well as of the students, researchers and teachers. Ours is a well- equipped library having titles, references and volumes of books on almost all subjects and topics studied in the faculty of arts. A number magazines, newspapers, and news letters enrich the reading room. For researchers and Ph.D. Students, financially supported by UGC/ICHR, there is a separate section in the library.
Also, it is well stocked with interesting and enlightening books of short stories, biographies, autobiographies, letters, memoirs, etc., to inculcate reading habits in students, staff and others.
Home Science Laboratories :
     1. Cooking Lab: Well equipped with cooking range, micro wave      system, gas stoves, necessary utensils and regular water supply.

2. Clothing & Textile Lab: Sewing Machines, Dyeing Materials,       screens, embroidery machines and other necessary items       available.
Women’s Hostel :
     Constructed out of the UGC grant and college matching share having 20 rooms/halls ---  4 single seater,5 double seater,3 triple seater ,kitchen, dining hall ,warden house, common room, sick room, visitor room, servant room ,and toilets with adequate electricity and water supply.
Visiting Lecturer
Annual Function
Annual Function 2010-11
Annual Function 2009-10
Computer Laboratory :

Computer Laboratory: Adequate number of computer systems, photocopier, fax machine, Laser Printer. Audio-Visual Aids, Over Head projectors, slide projector, T.V., VCR, DVD player, Public Addressing system with all accessories.

Sports Field: A big and spacious sports field with well-marked race-tracks, cricket pitches, badminton courts, Kho-kho field, Volleyball courts, and space for various throws and jumps. Five Ch.Charan Singh University Inter-collegiate  tournaments have been organized on this field in previous years.

Curricular/ Extra-curricular Activities & Committees :
     National Service Scheme (NSS)- The most useful programme for student youths (both boys and girls) NSS has become indispensable in the university education system. Under this scheme Students, called volunteers, do social service for 240 hours in the first two years of graduation and attend two special camps of 7 day. duration each.
Sports :
     To chisel  the tastes and talents of the students college organizes Annual Sports championship competitions for both boys and girls almost every year. Besides this various other games like Kabaddi, Volleyball, Cricket, T.T., Chess, Badminton, Kho-Kho, etc., are organized for students throughout the year. Best performers are rewarded.
Cultural Programmes: Under the supervision of cultural  committee various programmes are oraganized on important days.
     'NAAC' Peer team visit dated 20-21 January 2017. Prof. Sudheer k. Jain (Chairman) IIT Delhi Prof. CCS Thakur (Member) Jabalpur (MP), Prof. S. Kumudhawali (Co-ordinator) Mumbai.
Committees :
For administrative assistance and efficient functioning various committees are constituted by the Principal. They are Proctorial Board, Student Welfare Council,  Fee-concession Committee, Sports Committee, Annual Magazine Committees, Reading Room Committee, Annual Day committee, Medical committee, Poor students fund committee, caution money Committee, Identity –Card Committee, NSS Advisory Committee. Also, there some high power Committees like Library Committee, Building Committee, UGC-Purchase Committee, Finance Committee, etc.
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