Shri Shaligram Sharma Smarak (P.G.) College, Rasna (Meerut) UP
(Affiliated to the C.C.S. University, Meerut)
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Principal's Message:

Alumni are the flag-bearers of the glory of an educational  institution. Their job, position, status and social recognition are the parameters for assessing the worth and value of the institution, and sincerity and dedication of it’s students and teachers. If we make a positive use of each and every moment at present, the present will change into past tomorrow it shall be glorious.Future will become bright in a natural course.

Students, if dedicated and committed, will change into a glorious alumni of the institution after some time. Their serious and sincere efforts shall bring name and fame to their institution, power and prosperity to themselves, and peace and perfection to their families. In this age of computers, cell Phones and satellites human relationships have become formalities, feelings have been changed into figures and human identities into mobile numbers. In this world of machines and robots some youths have started seeking enjoyments and pleasures in the cries and pangs of other students. Ragging has assumed a terrible shape. Even the honourable supreme court and state governments have expressed their commitment to control the wanton activities spoiling the atmosphere of the universities, institutes and colleges. Hostels of Medical and Engineering colleges are said to have emerged as the places of victimization of the freshers and new entrants. It must be checked.

  Hoping for moral upliftment and academic excellence every where.
  Dr. Ranju Narang
     Officiating Principal
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